Welcome to my webpage! As a researcher, my work is focused on exploring the complexities of interpersonal communication and interaction, with a particular emphasis on verbal communication and joint action. My research interests include EEG hyperscanning, interbrain synchronisation, natural language/speech processing, and the study of neural mechanisms that underlie social cognition.

Contact me: Alejandro.Perez@surrey.ac.uk

Most recent stuff

Check our recent (17/12/2022) publication in Cortex: Speaking and listening to inter-brain relationships.

And the contribution to the 3rd International Workshop on Earable Computing (UbiComp/ISWC '22 Adjunct, September 11–15, 2022, Cambridge, UK): Using earables platforms to study verbal communication: Introducing earables to psycholinguistic research.

Featured publications

Pérez A & Davis MH (2023) Speaking and listening to inter-brain relationships. Cortex, 159, 5463.

This viewpoint article offers insights to improve the conceptual clarity and empirical standards of inter-personal interaction studies using hyperscanning.

Pérez A, Dumas G, Karadag M, Duñabeitia JA (2019) Differential brain-to-brain entrainment while speaking and listening in native and foreign languages. Cortex, 111, 303–315. 

This study was the first to report differences in brain-to-brain synchronisation for verbal communication in native and foreign languages.

Pérez A, Carreiras M, & Duñabeitia JA (2017) Brain-to-brain entrainment: EEG interbrain synchronization while speaking and listening. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 4190. 

This study was one of the first to demonstrate inter-brain coupling during speaking and listening using EEG hyperscanning.